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Bidding is now closed, thank you to everyone who supported our auction.  Artist's are now revealed!  Click on the lot number to see the secret artist's identity


Our Secret Postcard Auction, in support of veterans’ mental health and World Mental Health Day, will go live to the general public on Friday 6 October 2023. Will you spot the work of your favourite artists and celebrities among the 340+ pieces we have available this year?

Almost 200 professional artists, celebrities and veterans have submitted larger postcard-sized original artwork anonymously to be auctioned online in support of the charity. We’ve got one-off pieces from acclaimed artists such as Hurvin Anderson, Maggi Hambling CBE, Patrick Hughes, Anne Desmett RA, Dave White, Russell Tovey, Kenneth Draper RA, Barnaby Barford, Craig Jefferson, Sue Kreitzman, Alicia Rothman, Luke Frost and Winston Branch to name just a few!

This year, the majority of our postcards are a larger 178mm x 127mm in size, however some postcard dimensions may differ according to the artist's preferred use of medium/materials. All artworks are signed and dated by the artist on verso.

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How does the auction work?

  1. Use the top-right menu, or button below, to view the Auction Items.
  2. To bid, select an item, enter your amount and then click 'Place Bid'. Or, use the 'Max Bid' function and the system will bid for you up to the amount entered.
  3. Register your details and then 'Confirm Your Bid'.
  4. Receive outbid text notifications and bid again!

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs sectionAll proceeds raised through the Auction will go towards helping more veterans receive life-changing mental health treatment from Combat Stress.

Bidding will close at 9pm on Sunday 22 October 2023.

Please note that domestic shipping will be added to the bid total at checkout, when the auction closes.  International shipping will need to be invoiced separately depending on location.


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Thank you

Combat Stress would like to thank each and every one of the talented artists and veterans who have given up their time to donate almost 500 wonderful pieces of art in support of this year's Secret Postcard Auction. The quality and variety of art donated is truly outstanding!


Maggi Hambling CBE : Hurvin Anderson : Paige Denham : Juliette Goddard : Lisa Robinson : Peter Jones : Michael Kelly : Vanessa Gardiner : Susan Du Toi : Dean Hodgson : Elaine Fox : Martin ‘Spike’ Dunkin : Pauline Maddocks : Andrew Burns Colwill : Gary Bennett : Weef : Darren John : Ruth Bond : Morrissey & Hancock : Anita Klein : Edd Pearman : Tom Van Herrewege : Graeme McNay : Ruth Philo : Patrick Hughes : Russell Tovey : Ozlem Thompson : Karl Bielik : Ben Snowden : Paul Wadsworth : Sarah Graham : Angry Dan : Jonathan Parnham : Uzma Sultan : Winston Branch : Lucy Stevens : Viktor Tilson : Chike Azuonye : Faye Eleanor Woods : Rachel Joy : Peter Mammes : Robert Saunders : Colin Hendry : Carne Griffiths : Philippa Paterson : Lloyd Durling : Bench Allen : Simon Goss : Anka Dabrowska : Peter Lamb : Andrew McIntosh : Adam Taylor : Kerry Harding : Sharon Bennett : Julie Moss : Oliver Hoffmeister : John Taylor : Katrina Wallis-King, PS : Melvyn Evans : Fiona G. Roberts : Adam Bridgland : Tracy Charlotte Power : Nick Cash : Nettie Wakefield : Ceal Warnants : R&Fmo : Justin Mitchell : Emily Firmin : Lily Hargreaves : Sue Kreitzman : David Horgan : Tracey English : Emma Roberts : Rosie J. Wood : Gina Parr : Ian Hoskin : Fran Giffard : Crimson Boner : Derek Eland : Peter Wankowicz : Melanie Berman : Stef Will : Kaia Williams : Georgie Bates : Steve C : Amanda Horwood : Sharon Leahy-Clark : Simon Leahy-Clark : Nici Bungey : John Dilnot : Iain Andrews : Ghislaine Howard : Fenella Woolgar : Lee Herring : Esther Johnson : Shad Everett : Barnaby Barford : Jelly Green : Kenneth Draper, RA : David Brett : Dave White : Jean Noble, RI SWA : Henrietta Dubrey : Lothar Götz : David Wightman : Helen Downie : Sonia Barton : Anna Mac : Alex Hanna : Alicia Rothman : Rachel Faulkner : David Webb : Abigail Lipski : Theodore Van Der Merwe : Russell Walker : Otto Schade aka Osch : Tracy McBride : Marissa Weatherhead : Joshua Armitage : Simone Lia : Craig Jefferson : Jo De Banzie : Jane Oldfield : Luke Frost : Allan J. Robertson : Tim Fowler : Anne Desmet RA : Emma Russell : Posy Simmonds, MBE : Sarah Wilkinson : Mandy Payne : Christopher Farrell : Annie McLean : James Wyllie : Thomas Stimpson MBE : Zoe Carroll : Alice Instone : James Hoy : Rebecca Campbell : Trish Roberts : Vanessa Mitter : Kate McCrickard : Lesley Dabson : Valerie Pirlot : Sabrin Miller : Tyler Watson : Sarah Medway : Josephine Trotter : Vic Kitchingham : Annabelle Shelton : David Rowlands : Henrietta Loades-Carter : Debra Dano Matthews : Sean Worrall : Janet Barfield : Richard McConnell : Chloe Le Tissier : Pen Dalton : Florent Bidois : Lucia Hardy : Nigel Gisby : Abigail Lipski : Stephen Michael Law : Shelley Dyer-Gibbins : Kellie Ahl : Jack Davis : Loz Atkinson : Lesley Oldaker : Mary Burtenshaw

Meet the Artists


We'd also like to thank The Bankside Gallery in London and auction partner EMMA Live for hosting the launch event and online platform.